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3 Years


We are celebrating Xairmi's 3rd birthday today.

This year we made the decision not to necessarily make a video for the occasion, we plan to redo one to present the group. However, we are still going to tell you what has happened so far and what will happen for the coming year.

To begin with, this year was not rich in content since we were in maintenance most of the year. However, this maintenance is very useful for us for years to come. We have successfully reached our end of maintenance goal and have completed the development of new services. Some pages will change in the coming weeks to look a bit more unique and to easily differentiate services.

You may have noticed that at the moment there is no content on our services. This will be the main objective for the coming year, we are negotiating with several companies in order to be able to offer you unique recipes for Xairmi Cooking, a French series for Xidime on the theme of science should soon see the light of day . As far as associations are concerned, we would like to complete the complete implementation of the service before offering them.

We have a second objective for this year which promises to be more complicated, we would like to make Xairmi profitable. The goal is not to earn money but to be able to make profitable the expenses which accumulate. For this we are thinking about setting up a shop allowing you to buy unique products on the theme of each of our services. In addition, we are setting up a page on which there would be an advertisement which allows us to set up our free donation system for associations and which allow you to support us, it is the idea that is complicated to put in place in place because advertising agencies are struggling to certify the site so that ads can be generated. However, we will persevere, we have another idea in case this one doesn't work.

These are our main objectives for this year,
Xairmi Studio teams.