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Acquisition of Minetia


In today's article we will talk about the resumption of the "Minetia" project by Xairmi Studio.

First of all Minetia is a French Minecraft server in development founded by Leprogem and TheTurtle whose goal is to provide players with a place where they can play entirely new games never seen elsewhere.

For the moment the project is only at its beginnings but we saw a potential there. That's why we officially announce that Minetia is now part of Xairmi Studio's projects.

We have managed to ensure that this acquisition can have a maximum of positive points for each other so that we have a real interest in going to the end of the project. Minetia is looking for a group capable of both supporting the development of the server and providing it with the capacity to host it. For our part, we are looking to expand our community in the video game sector, an area that we have not yet explored.

In order to support the project, you can join the Discord server.

The acquisition of Minetia will allow the group to benefit from many advantages such as a website and a dedicated domain name, as well as a connection with our Xairmi account system. You will not have to recreate an account for the occasion.

We will keep you informed of the evolution of the server on recurring articles on our blog.