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Xairmi goes Canadian


We have now made the decision to make Xairmi Studio Canadian, we explain the reasons and consequences of this choice in this article.

First of all you should know that in 3 years the question of the nationality of the group has been a great mystery for us, before reviewing our teams the vast majority of our members were English-speaking, today most of them are French. However, we didn't want to make the group French for several reasons, one of them being that our community is predominantly English then French speaking.

The languages spoken by our community greatly contributed to our choice. To satisfy most of our community we needed a country where English and French were two official languages. Our choice is focused on Canada.

Following this choice, we transferred all of our data to a Canadian data center, to date none of our services are located outside of Canada. However, we reserve the right to develop a new service that may be localized in another country in the future, but Canada will be designated as the official nationality of the group.

Of course, following an announcement and such a change, many consequences will take place and we already have them. Among these, one that you have already noticed, the site is now fully translated into French.

The main language of the site remains English but the French version will gradually follow the evolution of the site and our services.

The second consequence that we have already mentioned above is the change of infrastructure for our services. For us, this change has been a real advantage, it allows us to increase the power of our services in an abundant way for a lower cost than the last three years.

The third consequence, you cannot miss, is the redesign of the site's graphic charter, we have made it more up to date, taking black and white as a theme instead of purple and a blue night.

We make an important decision for us which will not satisfy our entire community but which is useful to us, our future services will first be released in Canada in a test version. To put it simply, let's take an example, imagine that tomorrow we release a mobile application for our future voice assistant, the time to test the application and make changes before its official release, the application will only be accessible from Canada.

And finally, we will soon modify our terms of use and our privacy policy to be in accordance with the laws of Canada.

From now on, you officially know the nationality of the group as well as what it implies, we are delighted to be able to be part of this country to develop our group beyond the limits.