Free donation

Our donation service offers you the possibility to make a donation on the official page of one of the associations of our service or to make a free donation using our unique functionality.

Our new donation feature is innovative because it allows you to support any association for free. To do this, nothing could be simpler than clicking on the "Free donation" button on the page of an association. Our site will redirect you to an ad page on our site (don't forget to deactivate your ad blocker, the only ads on our site are on this page), once the ad loaded the revenue will be generated.

How does the collected income work?

At the end of each month, we donate all the income collected thanks to the pubs to each associations supported for free.

How are the income distributed?

To explain how we manage income distribution, let's take an example :

Imagine 3 associations and 100 users.

For the first association: 40 users use the free donations
For the second association: 20 users
And for the third association: 40 users

Thanks to the ads, $ 300 was generated.

To finance our infrastructures and our services, we take 1/3 of the income.

We will then distribute 40% for the first association (i.e. $ 80), 20% for the second (i.e. $ 40) and 40% for the third (i.e. 80$).

However, it is important to specify that the figures we used in this example are fictitious.