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Association | Data Manager

Collect data of associations monthly.

Objective of Association

The main objective is to highlight associations and help them achieve their objective.


Know how to use a spreadsheet

We mainly use a spreadsheet to collect and organize all the data.

To be organized

Being organized makes the job easier when collecting data.

Ability to read databases

Data is stored in databases. It is therefore important to know how to find your way around.



We would like to inform you once again that Xairmi Studio is not considered as a company, therefore we do not offer jobs but work. All Xairmi teams work as volunteers in order to offer unique services free of charge to the public.

Work time

In our teams, you decide your working hours. We only ask that you respect the deadlines to complete your work on time. It's up to you to organize yourself according to your availability to work on current projects.

Spoken languages

Our community comes from more than ten countries and our teams are mainly English and French speaking. However, we accept all languages.

If you would like to apply for this work, send us your resume. You can optionally attach a cover letter. We will come back to you as soon as our teams have analyzed your request.